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Budgerigar - Midi Sequencer
Version 1.3
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Budgerigar は、MIDI・シーケンサーです。

16tracks (16channels)
GM : 128 instruments and drum set
Midi division 480.
Export Midi file to SDCARD.

Requirements: Device suports Midi. OS 1.6 or later.

DEMO : Budgie Dance (01:48)  Midi File  mp3
Version Info
Version 1.3 2010.09.11 support Android Market Licensing(LVL).
Version 1.2  2010.09.08  Enhanced saving
Version 1.1 2010.08.24 add Export & Import project.
Version 1.0 2010.08.19 First version

Export Folder
Midi : /sdcard/budgerigar/midi/
Project : /sdcard/budgerigar/project/

Import Folder
Project : /sdcard/budgerigar/project/
Edit Mode   
Copy Blocks
Copy Auto. Scroll Area
 Score Editor  
 Input Mode
Select Mode
Track of Drum set (Channel 10)
 Note Events  
Open Project   

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