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Version 1.0
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ClipClipper is a clipboard assistant and the storehouse of texts. When ClipClipper is opened, ClipClipper save copied text from clipboard automatically, and keep it. You can reuse these text by one touch on the list, and you can paste it.
You can edit text, and add new text, delete text , and clear the list.
'Protect'[P#] : protect text from 'Remove' and 'Clear'.
'Name'[N#]: apply another caption to the text, and protect it, too.
ClipClipper can manage the text group that you create. You can copy text to other group. tne name of default group is space.
ClipClipper can save 200 texts in a group and can have 200 groups.
Version Info
Version 1.0 2011.04.20 First version


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