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SuiSui - Seek by Scroll
Version 1.0
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One of the comfortable operation is to scroll smoothly with iPhone. Someone said "art of thumb Sui Sui". Maybe "Sui Sui" means "Scroll smoothly". Even middle finger Sui Sui and forefinger Sui Sui are good too. This is a game to be able to fully enjoy scroll, the art of Sui Sui. 
This is a game to seek a number from 1 to 36 and touch it. 
There are 3 modes. 
1x1 mode: only one number is shown, other 35 numbers are hidden. You seek the number by scroll and touch it. This is the recommend mode. 
2x2 mode: Four numbers are shown, other numbers are hidden. 
3x3 mode: Nine numbers are shown, other numbers are hidden. 3x3 is the simplest. 
It is a game of the art of Sui Sui and a moving eyesight and memory. Because Sui Sui is comfortable, You can enjoy it though it is a simple game.


Version Info
Version 1.0 2012.01.12 First version

icon by Asami Tatsuzawa

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