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Budgie - Melody Maker
Version 1.2
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This App Budgie is a Melody Generator and Melody Maker. it helps your composing work. it may be a good assistant of composer. Budgie creates many melodies from musical scale and note beats. You can use 15 scales preset and you can set and register the scale you want as private scales. You can edit the note beats by touch and slide.

other functions:
- regenerate parts of notes.
- edit drums.
- play as tune.

Requirements:musical skill, musical sense, musical ability, musical talent, perseverance, patience, good fortune.

Various Musical Scales

Good luck!

Version Info.
Version 1.2 2010.11.05 Enhanced "Tune".
Export Midi file. "Tune" > "File" > "Export Midi"
Version 1.1 2010.06.27 add blocks : for generate melodies and touch play.
toch leftside of melodies: select row line and play.
touch rightside of melodies: scroll row line.
some bugs fixed.
Version 1.0 2010.04.18 First version

icon designed by Asami Tatsuzawa.

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