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MelodyMeory is a classical memory match game by melodies and auditory memory.

Melodies are created by MelodyMemory at random.

Tap on a tile to hear its melody. And then the tile turn light green. Next, search the same melody and tap on it, and then its melody plays. Remember where you heard a certain melody.
If the melodies match, then the tiles turn yellow and show its musical score.
If the melodies do not match, then the tile turn red, and add 1 to mistake counter.

For the training of ears and the brain, to get close to musical score, and enjoy melodies.

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Version Info
Version 3.0 2011.01.31 improved support for iOS4.x
Add settings : Octave "-1,0,+1" and change default octave.
Add settings : Note octave number, "C3 or C4".
Version 2.1 2010.06.07  Support iPad.
Version 2.0 2009.12.18  Add Octave +1.
Version 1.11 2009.11.23  Rename only. from "MelodyMemory" to "MelodyMelody"
Version 1.1 2009.06.11 Add alto_sax to instrument.
Version 1.0 2009.05.07 First version

iPhone & iPod touch  

Example of "Range of next note" - Settings
in case of "S" in case of "XL"


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